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Indoor Dining Now Available on Catalina Island

As California begins opening more and more following COVID 19 closures, we are excited to announce – indoor dining now available on Catalina Island.

For your convenience, we have put together a list of all of the restaurants that are currently open. As always, information is frequently updated, so we recommend reaching out directly to each restaurant for verification.

Otherwise, as of mid-April of 2021, here are the open restaurants on Catalina Island:

Catalina Hot Spots Top Picks

Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret

Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret has been an island tradition for over 18 years, serving pizza, salads, and pasta. Antonio’s is now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm, closing later at 8:00 pm on the weekends. To confirm hours of operation, call Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret at 310-510-0008.

Original Antonio’s Pizzeria & Deli

For 37 years, Original Antonio’s Pizzeria & Deli has been a favorite lunch, dinner, and take-out spot for the island. Now open daily from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm, with later closing hours of 8:00 pm on the weekends. To confirm hours of operation, call Original Antonio’s Pizzeria & Deli at 310-510-0060.

Original Jack’s Country Kitchen

Original Jack’s Country Kitchen serves up comfort meals for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Open daily from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm, with lunch starting at 11:00 am, but breakfast and dessert served all day. To confirm hours of operation, call Original Jack’s Country Kitchen at 310-510-1308.

Mrs. T’s Chinese Kitchen 

Located inside of Original Jack’s Country Kitchen is Mrs. T’s Chinese Kitchen, which is now open daily from 11:00 am until 7:30 pm. Choose from Chinese meal favorites like Kung Pao Chicken, Beijing Beef, and Sweet & Sour Pork. To confirm hours of operation, call Mrs. T’s Chinese Kitchen at 310-510-1199.

Other Restaurants Now Open

Aside from our top picks, there are plenty of other restaurants now open on Catalina Island, including:

  • Avalon Bake Shop (310-510-1199)
  • Avalon Seafood & Fish Market (310-510-0197)
  • Bistro at Atwater (310-510-7414)
  • Bluewater Avalon (310-510-3474)
  • Buffalo Nickel (310-510-1323)
  • Cafe Metropole (310-510-9095)
  • Catalina Cantina (310-510-0100)
  • Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co. (310-510-2447)
  • Catalina Island Brew House (310-590-6905)
  • Coney Island (310-510-0763)
  • Coyote Joe’s (310-510-1176)
  • DC3 Gifts & Grill at Airport in the Sky (310-510-2196)
  • Descanso Beach Club (310-510-7410)
  • El Galleon (310-510-1188)
  • Ellie’s Island Deli (310-510-1971)
  • Erics on the Pier (310-510-0894)
  • Lobster Trap (310-510-8585)
  • Luau Larry’s (310-510-1919)
  • Lloyd’s of Avalon (310-510-7266)
  • Maggie’s Blue Rose (310-510-3300)
  • Mi Casita Mexican Kitchen (310-510-1772)
  • Naughty Fox at Bellanca Hotel (310-510-0555)
  • NDMK Fish House (310-510-1275)
  • Pete’s Cafe (310-510-0523)
  • Scoops (310-510-0178)
  • Steve’s Steakhouse (310-510-0333)
  • The Sandtrap (310-510-2505)
  • The Cove Bar & Grill at Holiday Inn (310-510-2683)
  • Three Palms (310-510-0967)
  • Toyon Grill (310-510-8599)
  • Vons Deli (424-334-3221)

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